Incognito Episodes

Incognito Episodes 1.0

Conquer challenges at each level, gathering information exploring in your ship
1.0 (See all)

Incognito is meant to deliver simplified versions of gameplay from different genres and bring them together into a game that's epic in scale and requires different genre skills but is easy for the average hardcore gamer to jump into and play from beginning to end.

In order to progress through each Episode, you'll have to conquer challenges at each level, gathering information on foot, exploring in your ship, landing on uninhabited planets and establishing bases, and on hostile planets, invading a planet's surface defenses in the hovertank.

The player assumes control of an older gentlemen in his late 50's or 60's (it is not given specifics only appearance). Working since graduation from college with honors in Business Management and Accounting the protagonist is employed by the Caligula Investment Firm and leads a simple life of a paper pusher, his life for all intensive purposes uninteresting.

That is until he succumbs to substance abuse in the form of Cocaine as the company takes a turn for the worst unrelated to his binge his world turned upside down and within years end his employers are in ruins and debts are owed to which our player has no way to recovery.

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